32cm TAMASAKI Japanese-Style Wok Uncoated Flat Bottom Non-Stick Pan Household Cooking Utensils Pan Gas Stove Universal Wok

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Authentic Japanese pole iron non-coated non-stick pan, inner diameter 30cm, depth 11cm (outer diameter 32cm, please consult for details)

1. It is preferred that the ecological latitude is 67 ° C north latitude, no coating is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the taste of childhood
2. Ultra-high temperature carbonization treatment, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high hardness, durable
3. The inner wall ice crack concave and convex forging pattern adopts high-tech laser laser technology to achieve the physical non-stick of air suspension, and all the iron pans on the market are incomparable
4. The design of the super thermal conductivity of the outer wall spiral, even heat, reduce deformation
5. The bottom of the pot adopts seamless alloy welding technology, which is evenly heated, fired on medium fire, energy-saving and energy-saving, and does not pick the stove, greatly reducing the kitchen fumes that trouble the family health
6. The handle material is made of Bavarian high-quality beech wood, and the shape adopts human mechanics principles to create a rounded and comfortable feel.


Color: Black
32cm size, Opening Diameter: 32cm,Base Diameter: 16cm ,Height: 11cm

Package Includes
1 piece Frying Pan

Please allow an error of 1-3mm due to the difference of manual measurement.

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