BE BALANCE Acala Micro Fiber Mask

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BE BALANCE Acala Micro Fiber Mask

ACALA Concentrate - Acala is an advanced ingredient. It works by stimulation sebaceous gland.

Solution for - Anti-aging Acne Treatment - Sensitive Skins - Reduce Reducing & Minimizing Blackheads - Tightens and Purify Skin

How to use

Step 1 Eye Contour Gel �Eye & Neck Patented Poison Complex (Burdock, Leech Extract, Snake Venom, Spider Silk Proteins), Snail Secretion Filtrate and Adenosine facilitate elasticity and wrinkle improvement around the eyes. Apply evenly around the eyes, mouth and on neck after cleansing.

Step 2 Acala Micro Fiber Mask 1 sheet, Acala Concentrate - FACE Acala Micro Fiber Mask is a mask sheet containing hollyhock extract, effective antibacterial, pomegranate extract, rich in vitamin B gives skin vitality, while fig, the mulberry extract has an excellent anti-oxidant effect, rich aloe vera can calm, moisturize and anti-inflammatory.

Step 3 Acala Cream Highly nutritious and Acala cream can calm sensitive skin, help to secrete sebum normally and prevent dry skin, effectively prevent and fight against acne and minimize swelling and reduce redness. Apply evenly on the face and neck after use of mask sheet.



10PCS x 30g


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