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We provide FREE delivery within Sydney metro areas for orders over $199.
We provide FREE delivery within Sydney metro areas for orders over $199.

Civasan Hy+Balsam Professional Treatment Moisturizing/pH Balancing Kit

by Civasan
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Skin Civasan Hy+ Balsam creates an optimal status for the skin to recognize moisture, and protects volatile skin-protecting layer from the external environment to maximize skin health. High moisture patch works to do just that, and the aquaporin technique stimulates the spreading of moisture in the skin, which minimizes moisture loss to prevent dry skin. Also, private kit increases the satisfaction of the user.
It provides skin with the best condition in which the skin can recognize moisture and protects a skin protective layer which is likely to be damaged from external conditions With horse oil consisting of moisturizing ingredients and various peptide complexes, it is involved in skin regeneration and elasticity.


Step 1: B5 Gel H2O Booster (5ml x 5ea) 

Step 2: M3 Finish Ampoule (5ml x 5ea) 

Step 3: H2O Balsam Cream  (20ml x 3ea)


How to use

 Step 1 - B5 Gel : Skin booster and Ph Balance control activates the skin, so the skin can recognize moisture. - After Cleansing , skip the toner step and pat the skin until B5 Gel is absorbed. 

Step 2 - M3 Finish Ampoule : intensive supply of moisturizing protein It restores the collapsed barrier of the skin. It leads to production of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and stocks up and provides moisturizing proteins. - After applying one drop for each region, pat the skin until it becomes sticky. 

Step 3 - Hy + Balsam Cream : Prevention of water evaporation and maintenance of moisture It forms a protective layer for moisture maintenance so it can improve the skin defensive power and keep the skin elasticity by inducing moisture diffusion. - Apply it for each region and then spread it by gently pressing. (For skincare, spread it with a suitable amount followed by manual techniques)