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1.This product is designed like an alarm clock. The luxury outdoor ultrasonic bark arrester can be hung on a tree, or anywhere in the house or in your yard. When the luxury outdoor ultrasonic bark alarm clock detects excessive barking, the microphone will sense barking and activate parts. At this time, the product will emit a safe high-pitched ultrasonic sound, which can be heard by dogs but not by humans. The dog will stop barking when stimulated by sound. Because ultrasound can make a dog uncomfortable, the dog stops barking.
2.Designed for outdoor use, outdoor ultrasonic bark stoppers are durable and waterproof. There are 3 levels of sensitivity (effective range is 4.5, 9 to 15.24 meters), and a test range.It requires 9 volt battery (not included), average battery life is 2 months. The outdoor ultrasonic bark stopper has a power indicator, which can be set to "Off" when you leave to protect the battery.
3.Excessive dog barking can affect you and your neighbors. Outdoor ultrasonic bark stoppers can effectively block dog barking and do not need to receive collars. Safe and effective, suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.


material: ABS plastic
Color: Black and white
Size: 15.5x15.5x16.5cm



 * Using ultrasound to stop dogs barking
 * Effective range 50 feet
 * 4 levels of operation
 * Durable and waterproof
 * Two-color indicator shows whether the battery is sufficient
 * 9 v battery-(battery not included)
 * Can effectively prevent your dog from barking
 * Can effectively prevent your neighbor's dog from barking
 * Prevents dogs from barking at a specific time
 * Train puppies not to bark
 * Stop dogs from barking while camping
 * Sound-sensitive microphone: trigger ultrasonic sound.
 * Switch with 4 levels of operation:
 * OFF-for saving battery
 * Test-for verifying the functionality of microphones and speakers
 * Low sensitivity-short distance monitoring, 15 feet
 * Medium sensitivity-up to 30 feet
 * High sensitivity-50 feet


Packing list

1×Anti-Barking Device
1×User Manual


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