POLA B.A Milk Facial Emulsion 80ml

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Formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk extracted from a golden cocoon
Helps maintain a high level of moisture & prevents skin dryness
Stimulates collagen synthesis, smoothes out wrinkles & deeply cleanses pores
Blended with Lecithin, rich in anti-oxidants & substances to stimulate cell regeneration
Loaded with nutrient-rich Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil for nourishing benefits
Maintains the optimal pH level & prevents the appearance of wrinkles
Infused with a floral woody fragrance to boost the senses
Keeps skin softer, firmer, more elastic, radiant & younger-looking

How to use

1. Use it in the morning and evening after cleansing and conditioning the skin with lotion
2. Dispense two pumps amount on the palm
3. Gently spread evenly over the face and neck
4. Press the hands over the cheeks while gently lifting up and hold for few seconds as if you are trying to make the skin memorise the lift.
5. then warm the palm of your hands to smooth over the skin while taking deep breaths to feel the fragrance.
6. Then gently press the palms of your hands over the entire face.
7. Release the tension to feel refreshed +a technique
8. Massage around three spots( masseter muscle, side of nose, and under the inner ends of eyebrows ) to release tension in the area with muscle knots
9. Gently run your fingers from the bottom of ear to the collarbone to finish up your routine.

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