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The Amazingooh Smart Side Table is a next generation night stand that multi-tasks to support your connected lifestyle. With a wireless charging pad, night light LED, and USB charging facilities, this smart side table is furniture designed to help you live better.

The Amazingooh Smart Side Table comes with three different colour- warm white, cool white and natural white controlled through button on the tempered glass. Three extra large solid wood drawer ensures that maximizing your storage space, and a variety of charging ports allow you to charge phones and other mobile devices simultaneously.


1. The Amazingooh Smart Side Table is designed for your lifestyle in mind, every detail makes it the ultimate convenience at night.
2. With USB charging ports, and a wireless charging pad, you’ll never be out of the loop
3. Night LED lighting is controlled by a motion sensor and infrared for smart lighting at night.
4. Used of Class E1 Environmental protection standard material
5. High gloss piano white powder coating.
6. Extra large solid wood's drawers with premium furniture hardware.
7. Bluetooth speakers provide rich sound, controlled from your mobile device.


Product dimension: 510mm(L)x400mm(W)*x 500mm(H)
Package dimension: 580mm(L)x480mm(W)*x 470mm(H)
Gross weight: 19.5kg

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