Valmont Prime Regenera I 50ml (Oxygenating & Energizing Cream)

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"An energizing and oxygenating cream. A comprehensive moisturizer which boosts skin oxygenation, cell regeneration and stimulation. Favored by travelers.  You can find in the Swiss Air 1st Class kit." -Danuta Mieloch

Ideal for oxygen deprived skins damaged by the first signs of  aging which are lacking in shine and tone. Its concentration in Cellular Prime Complex helps maintain the elasticity and balance of healthy skin while also stimulating its oxygenation.

PRIME GENERATION: an exceptional anti-age program for the skin. More than anything else it is genuine alchemy, a perfect balance between the key ingredients needed for the proper functioning of the skin - sugars, fats and proteins - in order to guarantee the best results, for the long term.

How to use

After cleansing with Biologique Recherche milk and applying P50 and your serum, remove Valmont Prime Regenera I from jar with a spatula to avoid bacterial contamination. After emulsifying creme in your hands, apply in upward smoothing movements, starting at decollete and working up.  This cream is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin radiant.

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