15 Inch Triple Portable Monitor FOPO FHD 1080P HDR IPS Laptop Monitor Screen Extender for Dual Monitor Display, for 15"-17" Laptops & Switch/Xbox/Phone Support Windows/MAC System Type-C/HDMI Port

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15 Inch Large 1080P FHD Screen - FOPO S17 monitor is the first and only 15” large triple laptop monitor in the market. The 1920×1080P FHD IPS display provides faster response and greater visibility for users. With 72% NTSC HDR monitor, you will get richer colors and clear images. Compared to other triple monitor extenders, our dual portable monitor for laptops will not only satisfy your basic requirement but also help you finish your multi-task with more comfortable and effective experience.

Compatible with Multi-device - with Type-C and HDMI ports, this plug and play portable monitor is easily connected and configured without installing any additional drivers. S17 triple laptop monitor supports most operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac OS, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, etc. As a 15" laptop screen extension, it support most 15"-17" laptops. For detail, please confirm whether the dimension of your laptop is compatible with our triple monitor at the beginning.

Portable Design for Multi-scene - FOPO portable monitor extender perfectly combine outsize with portability. With a stretchable and compact design, the 15" laptop monitor extender can be placed in your briefcase, rucksack, or luggage. You can take it to everywhere and start your meetings, works, or multi-tasks in cafe, hotels, and public. Design with an embedded stretchable bracket, the portable dual monitor allows you to adjust the angle and provided greater stability in different places.

Different Modes with Rotatable Screens - the turning angle of the left screen is 0-235° and the right screen is 0-180°. You can share your screens with others. it’s widely used in different industries, like consulting, banking, and engineering. Besides, FOPO laptop screen extender can be inverted vertically to 45° as a second screen. When you are programming or writing papers, you may find this function very convenient and useful. It means you can switch between dual-screens and triple screens.

Include All accessories you need - we will provide all accessories you may need during use. Don't need to worry about the portable monitor for laptop that can not be used because of the interface. There are 2 Type-C cables (Video & Power), 2HDMI cables(Video only), 2 USB-C to USB-A cables (Power Only), and 1 power adapter included. [NOTE: the portable monitors do not compatible with Apple’s M1 & Surface & Chromebook, but support M1 Pro & M1 Max].


Size: 15 inch

Resolution: 1080P

Colour: Grey

Backlight: LED

Weight: 3.1kg

Refresh Rate: 60 hertz

Feature: HDR, Dual Screen

Portable tri-screen monitor:2 pcs of 15 inch full view display

Aspect ratio: 16:9


OSD Languages:English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

Compatible for laptops, PCs, Phones, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch etc

Applicapable for most of mainstream 15-17.3 inch laptops

Support:Type-C 3.1 protocol for audio and video data transmission


I/O ports(one monitor):Type-C port*2(one for charging,another for transfer data),Mini HDMI Jack*2

Demensions: 45 x 23.5 x 8 cm

Notice Before Buying!!! Only laptops meet the below requirements can fit FOPO 15" Triple Portable Monitors.

(1) If your laptop is 15-17" and also within the following size range of length, thickness and height, you can use and install our monitor, otherwise your laptop doesn't fit our monitor. (Please note that the measurement of 15-17" laptop is a diagonal size ):

Length:12.7-17.7 inch

Height:>9.25 inch

Thickness:<0.31 inch

(2) Don’t Support: Apple M1 MacBook and Microsoft Surface Series.

(3) Apple M1 Max and M1 Pro can work with this monitor. A table at the bottom of our listing provides Supported Brands & Models for your buying reference.

How to Use Our Triple Portable Monitor?

Step 1: Make sure your laptop model and size are suitable

If your laptop is 15-17" and also within the following size range of length, thickness and height, you can use and install our monitor. Otherwise, your laptop doesn't fit our monitor.

Length:12.7-17.7 inch

Height:>9.25 inch

Thickness:<0.31 inch

Step 2: Identify Your Laptop Ports

For laptops with Type-C(full-functioned, not power port) and HDMI ports, you can directly connect to our monitor using the cable included in the package. For other ports, you may need an extra adapter.

Step 3: Power and Connect

1) Before you connect it, it is a must to power both sides of the monitors with 5V/2A(10W) or above the power supply.

Only use the Type-C(power) port but not the Type-C(full-functioned) port for power supply. There’s a symbol on the port to identify the different functions of Type-C ports.

2) For laptops with Type-C(full-functioned) and HDMI ports, just connect it directly with the cable included.

3) For other port, you need an adapter.


1x FOPO 15 inch Triple Screen Extender

2x HDMI to Mini HDMI cables

2x USB-A to USB-C cables

2x USB-C to USB-C cables

1x User Manual