Amore Pacific Vintage Single Extract Essence 120ml

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Amore PacificVintage Single Extract Essence - 120ml
Transparent and powerful with only one complete vitality.
A single whole ingredients essence containing only the vintage green tea extract.
Care for three major aging factors and increase skin antioxidant index by 5.9 times.
A vintage green tea that was born with 100 days of natural expectation and craftsmanship.
All ingredients
Only Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis leaf extract)

How to use

Morning and evening, toner is used in the next step.

1. Trim the surface of the skin with toner, then lightly shake the essence container 2-3 times to remove the contents from the palm.
2. Essence Efficacy Envelops your face gently with both hands to penetrate the skin well.
3. Forehead, eye area, etc.., intensively tapping to absorb more delicately.
4. The remaining contents in your hand circulate as if sweeping from the neck to the face, so that it absorbs without leaving.
(Usage amount 1.5 ml / Tilt the container and shake lightly 2-3 times to take the appropriate amount into your hands)

Package Include

1 x120ml AP Essence

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