Desky Lockable Desk Casters Single Motor Dual Motor Standing Desk Wheels

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Lets get this Desky Rollin

If you need to move your sit stand around, you don't want to be lifting it every time. But equally, the last thing you want to do is to compromise the stability of your desk. Our castor wheels are specifically designed to be fitted to sit stand desks. They provide total stability, and can be locked solid when your desk is static.

Built to withstand constant strain, each wheel alone can safely bear up to 50kg of weight. Protective polyurethane wheels will also protect your floor from damage, allowing you to reposition your sit stand desk at will.


Material: Steel, Polyurethane (PU)

Surface Finish: Powder Coating

Dimensions: 110 x 35 x 102mm

Weight Capacity: 200kg

Wheel Diameter: 50mm

Locking Type: Break

Quantity (Pcs/ Set): 4


4xDesky Lockable Desk Casters

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