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We provide FREE delivery within Sydney metro areas for orders over $199.
We provide FREE delivery within Sydney metro areas for orders over $199.

Dust-Free Tofu Cat Litter Quick Clumping & Odor Control Plant-Based Deodorizer Ideal for Multi-Cat Homes

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Eliminate odors in four easy steps: scoop clumped litter, sift remaining litter, flush clumps down the toilet, and regularly refill the litter box. Our tofu cat litter is enhanced with a plant-based deodorizer, providing a fresh scent without dust or unpleasant odors. With a diameter of about 2mm and a length of 1-2cm, the dense pellets withstand repeated use by multiple cats without breaking apart. High-temperature drying process ensures reduced dust, offering a comfortable feel for cat paws. Quick clumping and non-scattering properties make scooping easier and keep the litter box clean. When flushing, ensure not to exceed a small amount at a time.


1. Easy Odor Control: Four steps to keep the litter box clean and fresh.

2. Plant-Based Deodorizer: Natural plant additives provide a fresh scent without irritation.

3. Dust-Free: High-temperature drying process reduces dust, protecting your cat’s health.

4. Quick Clumping: Fast clumping and non-scattering, making scooping more convenient.

5. Ideal for Multi-Cat Homes: Dense pellets resist breaking, perfect for households with multiple cats.

6. Eco-Friendly & Flushable: Mix with a small amount of water, no clumping, and flush directly down the toilet.

Enjoy a healthier, more comfortable life for you and your feline friends with our tofu cat litter.


7L tofu cat little
30x23x5 2.3kg for each