FAU Spotlight Whitening Mask 5 Sheets

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The fascinating thing about the Spotlight Whitening Mask is that it uses guava fruit extract as the base instead of the conventional purified water. The natural vitamins found in guava extract is known to help improve your skin condition alongside that vibrancy and glow.
The greatest thing about the Spotlight Whitening Mask is that it uses natural ingredients and doesn't irritate sensitive skin.
Instantly brightens,hydrates,lightens and evens out overall skin tone.
Spotlight mask is a hydrating and intensely whitening treatment that works within minutes to create a bright, radiant complexion.
Gentle on the skin, yet powerfully brightening , this mask works both on and beneath the surface of skin to block melanin production and harmful oxidation that can darken, dull and age skin.
Immediately brightening, skin looks brighter, younger, glowing.

Solutions for:
Dark spots and uneven skin tone
The appearance of acne scars

How to use

After a facial wash, prepare by toning your skin
Open the pouch, fit the face mask onto the face.
Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and massage face gently to allow absorption of remaining liquid content into the skin

Recommend 2 times a week, place on clean face for 10 to 20 mins!

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