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Martiderm Black Diamond Skin Complex 30 Ampoules x 2ml

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Martiderm Black Diamond Skin Complex is a unique blend of antioxidants with third-generation proteoglycans that has a synergic effect on the skin: cellular energy is boosted by 100%, hyaluronic acid synthesis is 67% increased and the proteoglycans are 80% more produced. The skin is protected by the action of 15% Vitamin C, granting protection against the hazardous effects of UV rays. The proteoglycans help to boost the skin's hydration and have a firming action due to the collagen boost in the skin. On the first application, 62% of the wrinkles are reduced and the skin is more hydrated. Within 4 weeks the skin is firmer, brighter and the wrinkles are reduced by 76%.

Texture: serum;
Skin issues: lack of firmness, dryness;
Time of application: morning and evening;
Age: 35+;
Skin type: normal to dry;
Main benefits: boosts firmness, antioxidant action;
Formulated without: parabens.

Main Ingredients

5% Proteum 89+ (third generation proteoglycans) to boost firmness and protect against dehydration;
20% Vitamin Complex with 15% vitamin C and 5% vitamins A, E, F and B5 for a powerful antioxidant action, nourishment and a brightening effect.
How to use

Apply half of the Martiderm Black Diamond Skin Complex ampoule in the morning before the moisturizer. Use 1 ampoule over a 2 day period, using the lid and base provided to store it. If you want to increase the efficacy, you can also apply it in the evening.

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