Medi-peel Aqua Blue Rose/ Rose/Cica Modeling Pack- Free Gift

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This modeling mask pack comes with:

Aqua Blue Rose/ Rose/Cica Moisture Modeling Mixture 1000g

Magic Powder 100g

Mixing bowl & Spatula 1set

Measuring Cup 2pcs


Dermatologist tested. To replenish, rejuvenate and nourish skin.

Containing extracts of roses to reinforce skin barrier for protection and retaining moisture.

It leaves your skin remain moisturised up to 24 hours thanks to the 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid infused.

Ths Magic Powder with Hydrolyzed Collagen to further improve skin elasticity.

How to use:

1. Prepare 50g of modeling powder in the mixing bowl.

2. Mix with 5g of Magic Powder.

3. Spread evenly over the face and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

4. Remove the mask pack starting from the bottom part. Rinse well.

FREE [ANSKIN] Bella Accessori Modeling Mask Beauty Set - 1Pack (3items)

The set consists of: 1. a small silicone bowl with measuring divisions. 2. spatula for kneading and applying the mask. 3. measuring cup with a volume of 50 ml. 4. sponge for comfortable removal of the mask. Method of application for alginate masks: using a measuring cup to get out of the jar the required amount of powder and dilute it with cool water in a silicone bowl (approximately 50 ml powder per 35 ml water). Thoroughly stir the spatula, then apply to them the resulting mass on the cleansed skin of the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave to be frozen (~ 25 minutes). Gently remove the mask, remove the remains with the sponge.

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