SPA Treatment HAS Aging-Care i Sheet Eye Mask 60 sheets

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Anti-Aging Eye Masks with 110ml of beauty serum, HAS and a blend of nano encapsulated hydrating components that penetrate and supply rich moisture deeply onto skin to combat wrinkles and fine lines.

It makes your skin around eyes and mouth resilient, clear and hydrated.


6 kinds of collagen and 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid blended.
Free of alcohol, fragrance, colouring, paraffinum liquidum, and petroleum surfuctant.
It comes with a tweezers.


1. Use after washing your face and applying your skin toner.
2. Take an eye mask and apply under your eye as you stretch the mask along tail of eye.
3. Leave it for 10 minutes and take it off.
4. Apply the serum left on your skin.
5. You can use the masks for around your mouth as well.

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