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Primera Free & Free Soft Foam 150ml

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Primera Free & Free Soft Foam 150ml

Contains natural source ingredients and marigold flower extract to help gently cleanse the skin & your private area, provide a refreshing sense of use while helping to soothe a gentle body cleansing foam.
Gentle foaming private area cleanser

1. To help strengthen the skin barrier function
2. Create a clean and healthy skin
3. Clean, farewell sticky
4. Lactic acid oligosaccharide care â„?formulation, regulation weakly acidic pH balance, keeping skin environment suitable for women
5. Natural fragrance, Brings pleasant fragrance
Natural ingredients soothing + cleansing

1. Soft foaming feminine cleanser, offering mild and refreshing cleansing with natural origin ingredients and calming effect from calendula.
2. Mildly acidic pH balance (pH 4-5) to protect women’s natural acidic barrier Oligo-Lactocare system reinforces women’s natural protection.
3. Natural surfactants form a soft light foam to completely cleanse and rinse off the discharge left on the virginal area to keep the secret zone clean.
4. Oligolacto CareTMSystem controls pH-level to maintain women’s skin in the best condition.

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