[SYLAINE] STARRY NIGHT Brightening Spotless Serum 30 x1.2 ml

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STARRY NIGHT Brightening Spotless Serum
Ref : SN29100519
30 x1.2 ml - 30 x 0.04 FL.OZ

Product Description:

Starry Night serum, a revolutionary complex, ensure optimal lightening, anti-spot and preventive effect.
Thanks to a powerful triple action: NanoWhite * LightSKN * ProdhyWhite, this serum can effectively correct the spots, unify and brighten the complexion. Integrating the Detoxophane, it also helps protect the skin against all forms of oxidative stress.
With continued daily use, the complexion looks brighter and more even, and the skin is visibly more beautiful with no blemishes.

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