Bijou de Mer Recore Serum RS DDS Richness Capsule 330mg x 48 Capsules

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Refined skin with droplets of beauty / Moisture filled with non-sticky, fresh texture oil
Each capsule is packed with carefully selected beauty components for beautiful skin with moisture and firmness. To create plump, firm skin, EGF*1 and Swertia chirata extract were compounded, as well as water-soluble proteoglycan for watery fresh skin, as well as argane oil*2 and olive fruit oil for moisturization with a soft texture. Create firm, smooth, and lustrous skin with this product.

*1 RH-Oligopeptide-1 (skin regulating component)
*2 Argania spinosa kernel oil (moisturizing component)

How to use

After washing your face at night, use 1 capsule as a guide.
Twist the capsule a couple of times, take it in the palm of your hand, and stretch it around the wrinkles and sagging areas of your face.


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