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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Basic 2 Pcs Special Set

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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang A secret royal court formula that presents heavenly skincare to empresses.
GongJinHyang is whoo' basic care line that contains wild ginseng cordyceps synesis and 'Gongjinbidan', a secret royal court heavenly beauty formula presented exclusively to the emperor and empress.
Through the harmony between the yin-yang conformation principle for the balance of the skin and the principle of increasing water and diminishing fire for enhancing moisture within the skin while effectively soothing it.
It gives the skin a new radiance and smoothness.


The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang 2Pcs Special Set
1. Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturising Balancer 150ml
2. Gongjinhyang Essential Nourising Emulsion 110ml

Special Free Gift <- LIMITED
1. Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturising 20ml
2. Gongjinhyang Essential Nourising Emulsion 20ml
3. Gongjinhyang Intensive Nutritive Cream 10ml
4. Gongjinhyang: Facial Foam Cleanser 40ml 

How to use

1. Cleansing Foam  > Balancer > 2. Essence > 3. Eye cream > 4. Emulsion > 5. Cream

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