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The History of Whoo GongJinHyang Mi Essential Base Gift Set

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The History of Whoo GongJinHyang Mi Essential Base Gift Set

1. Gongjinhyang:Mi Essential Makeup Base 40ml
2. Gongjinhyang:Soo Sooyeon Hydrating Foam Cleanser 40ml

Highly moisturizing oriental herbal medicinal makeup base which delivers subtle radiance to the skin Main function: Enables moisturizing effects Promotes vital and radiant looking skin: Light refraction effect of the royal jewel powders Pink colored to deliver natural tone-up effects


HongOkBaekSan:The combination of HongOkGo & White Clay HongOkGo:Herbal prescription for lustrous, flawless complexion

2) White Clay Secret base makeup ingredient used in the royal courts Enables long-lasting effect by instantly absorbing sebum and other skin residues Rich in minerals which helps to deliver refreshing, lightweight finish

SaengGiOhHwaJin:for revitalized skin complexion Ingredients extracted from 5 special flowers to improve skin complexion and revitalize the skin Effects on skin: Rejuvenating, repairing, reducing lines, calming, bright complexion The Royal Jewels: Gold, Pearl, Amber, and Coral Removes impurities from the skin Removes substances causing fatigue Protects skin by controlling the humidity of the surroundings


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