DAYCELL MBA MoBalA Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Hair Shampoo 230ml

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DAYCELL MBA MoBalA Derma Scalp Hair Shampoo 230ml use natural surfactants, silicone-free, and excellent for removing dirt and dead skin cells. It may be effective in treating hair loss. 


1. This is a premium hair and scalp care products for hair loss prevention + hair thickness increase + scalp care.
2. It contains 2:1:1 golden ratio of natural ingredients such as 3. Houttuynia cordata, Perilla frutescens, and Green Tea.
Houttuynia cordata extract contains fatty acids and inorganic ingredients to help keep the scalp and hair healthy.
4. Perilla frutescens extract nutrients and relieves itching with beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, which are highly sulfated.
5. Green tea extract contains polyphenols and catechins, which help relieve dandruff and dead skin and help manage healthy scalp care.


1 x 230ml Shampoo
Dimension : 52mm x 52mm x 205mm

How to use

Wet your hair and scalp with plenty of water, apply an appropriate amount evenly, massage with foam and rinse thoroughly.