Multipurpose Ceramic Carbide Knife Shapener For Knives Scissors Cleaver Keychain

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This knife sharpener works great on all types of knives. Keep your knives sharp and ready to use. It is very easy to use, and very sturdy and durable.

Stylish and safety design, easy to clean and storage.The non-skid rubber feet ensures your steadiness when sharpening.Stages of sharpening ( Fine, Ceramic and coarse ), ensure the perfect sharpening result


ABS + Stainless steel slot stage slot material: Ceramic+Tungsten steel+ Diamond

Four-stage fine grinding method

1-Cutting edge position (tungsten steel grinding disc)

2-Coarse grinding position (diamond grinding disc)

3-Fine grinding position (ceramic grinding disc)

4-Fine grinding position (silicon carbide whetstone)


1 x Complete Knife sharpener